American coronavirus testing crisis

"Americans learn only from catastrophe not from experience."

                                                             -Theodore Roosevelt

The past 5-6 months have proved to be quite a thorn in the path to world development. With the coronavirus claiming more and more lives by the clock's tick, the entire international community is faced with a stone-faced obstacle. The dwindling of the social and economic pillars under this immense pressure has brought the entire world to a standstill.

Some countries have been faced with the full brunt of this monstrosity. To name a few, Italy, the United States of America, and China.  Compared to neighboring and non-neighboring countries, these nations have seen a significant jump in cases(emphasis on 'significant').

The narrative of the situation in these countries so far hasn't been very pretty either. In the USA specifically, unemployment is at an all-time high with claims shooting above 30 million and the economy in an all-out downturn.

With cases well past the one million mark and the deaths close to 63 thousand, it is time to analyze the shortcomings of this testing system. The failure of the American testing system has proved to be detrimental to its fight against the virus. The inability of the healthcare system to tackle this problem and the political insufficiencies coupled with corrupt journalism has only added flame to an already lit fire.

Before I go on with this article I would like you to take a moment and appreciate the efforts of the doctors, essential workers, and others in doing their best to protect us from this disease. I also encourage you to donate a small amount to any charity/NGO/organization of your choice which is fighting tooth and nail against this virus.

Now, I would like to draw your attention to the healthcare system in place in the United States. Back in 1993, the healthcare system in place was ranked 6th in the world. Fast forward 25 years and it is ranked 27th. This decrement in the ranking is evidence that a once stable healthcare ecosystem now plagued by rampant politics and a sloppy support system has failed the test of time.

About two to four weeks ago, Trump announced that private retail supergiants would be assisting in testing. Essentially, they would be renting out their parking lots for testing facilities.  With close to 27000 stores nation-wide the plan is yet to be operational. A petty 5% of stores have been converted into testing facilities.

The Trump administration has failed miserably in containing this virus. Siding with his usual 'downplaying the catastrophe',  the citizens have been just exposed to the tip of an iceberg. He literally said that it was a hoax(*cough* climate change *cough*) in mid-March when the country had close to 165k cases!

A few days back the "Trump card of tweets" (Donald Trump) tweeted this:

The gist of it is that he believes there are more positive cases due to "more testing" in the country.

Let me spit some facts right now right here. South Korea and the United States both detected their first case on the same day. In the following week, South Korea tested 60,000 people. It took US two and a half weeks to get there.

Now considering the enormity of the situation with the daily-mounting cases, experts recommend close to 500,000 testings in a week and that's a minimum. The majority of institutes recommend about 2-3 million tests a week. Now, I want you to take a wild guess as to how many tests are being conducted currently on an average in the US. It's 150,000. Just do me a favor and read that tweet to yourself again.

On April 25, Vice President Mike Pence stated that close to 5 million people have been tested for the virus. Now, he has managed to mislead the public AGAIN! On average the majority of people get tested twice, so assuming that 5 million people have been tested because of 5 million tests is just really ignorant.

My point with all these stories is that the downplay of this catastrophe coupled with the embezzlement of facts for political leverage is what has created this ever-growing void for the coronavirus situation in America.

Irregular and poorly distributed medical test kits have also just added fuel to this fire. Testing is now the most crucial aspect of containing the virus and the United States is headed for the worst. For example in New York 1 in 5 people test positive.

I would like to end the post with "one of the greatest quotes" I have ever witnessed. Read into it what you will. Context: Donald Trump while speaking about the coronavirus.

 "It's a blip not a catastrophe."

Your thoughts matter to me.

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