Best Podcasts of 2020

Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

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Hosted By: Mike Tyson, Eben Britton

Time: 45-60 minutes.

What if I told you that the 'baddest man on the planet' had a podcast? The same man who pummelled opposing fighters for years with a dastardly lisp.

Oh, and did I mention that it is done in a marijuana hotbox. Yes, you heard that right! Mike Tyson along with his co-host Eben Britton host episodes in an enclosed studio full of the "devil's lettuce".

This podcast packs a punch for sure. With guests ranging from William Shatner to Tyson Fury, the podcast is as versatile as they come. Above all, select episodes are sure to get a few laughs out of you.

Besides these hysterical moments, the podcast is one to delve deep into more universal questions and the spiritual sphere.

My personal favorites are the episodes starring Tyson Fury(hilarious) and Evander Holyfield. The jokes and irony in the Holyfield episode were like a huge stone boulder. And to think of it that about 25 years ago, Mike Tyson had bitten Holyfield's ear in their infamous bout TWICE, and now the two legends sat down in the hotbox as comrades.

An honorable mention also goes to the episode starring Sugar Ray Leonard, who I have written about on this blog here. That was the first time I have ever heard Iron Mike get emotional and cry. Definitely recommend this podcast.


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Hosted By: Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, Stephen Taylor

Time: 1 - 1.5 hours

This is a surprising recommendation coming from me. To be very frank, I wasn't so much of a fan of Logan Paul for about 2 years. In November 2018, he premiered his own podcast titled 'Impaulsive'.

The podcast is co-hosted by Mike Majlak and Stephen Taylor, both of who share a house with him and have known him for a fair amount of time.

During the first few months of the podcast, the quality really wasn't up to the mark. The guest selection and talk time were poorly managed. But, they learned from their mistakes. They made amends.

August 2019 was when they really saw a spike in their viewership and listeners. When they bought on high-end celebrities and influencers like Ben Shapiro, their ratings rose.

Through their journey up till now, they have managed to bag a Streamy's award for the 'Best Podcast Of The Year'.

Following the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, Logan Paul put out a strong-worded statement on his views against racism.

A few of my favorite episodes include the one starring Ben Shapiro, and most recently with extreme athlete Ross Edgley.

The Knowledge Project

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Hosted By: Shane Parrish

Time:1-1.5 hours

I was introduced to the podcast the knowledge project by my mother. She plugged me in on a podcast that she wanted me to hear on developing a reading habit. The podcast is a conversation between Host and founder Shane Parish and an Angel Investor Naval Ravikant. This insightful podcast led me to delve deeper on the other podcasts and the fascination continues to date.

This podcast invites thought leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and engages them in insightful conversations to unravel the complexities of life. As mentioned on their website, the goal of the podcast is to "help you think, reflect, and better understand the complexities and interconnections in the world in which we live." The podcast is highly patronized by wall street professionals for its intense, encapsulated, deep, and lucid content. Definitely worth every minute you spend.

Today, Explained

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Hosted By: Sean Rameswaram

Time: 10-15 minutes

This is a podcast that I have only recently added to my favorites. It is hosted by Vox.

Vox is a news and media agency that I admire quite a lot for the professionalism they exude through their online articles.

Well researched and well-executed content is a must for podcasts in the informational niche. Vox has fully accomplished that with 'Today, Explained'.

Through short 10 to 15-minute podcasts, they simplify global issues to give you a fair idea of the matter at hand. By the end of every podcast, they make sure it is 'muy facil'(very easy) for you to formulate and hold an opinion on the topic.

This is definitely my kind of a podcast and I am pretty sure you will enjoy it as well.


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Hosted By: Oprah Winfrey

Time: 45-60 minutes.

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength"- Oprah Winfrey

This evergreen quote by Oprah perfectly mortalizes the general tone of this podcast.

Inspirational and motivational.

Oprah uses her platform and connects with celebrities from celebrated authors like Malcolm Gladwell to movie stars like Dwayne Johnson. This podcast should not be mistaken for an ego-fest. It dives deep into the troubled lives of all the stars and celebs that are famous over the world.

Some of the must-listen episodes are those starring Dwayne Johnson, Condoleezza Rice, and standup comedian Kevin Hart. A peek into their journey to the top is sure to motivate you to follow whatever the world holds for you.

This podcast can get you out of the deepest phases of your life and keep you inspired. It can ignite that drive in you to do something great n this lifetime and leave your mark on this world forever.


This is my conclusive list of the best podcasts out there. So tell me.

Should I start one(wink, wink)? Let me know through the contact form below. As always, do share this post if you enjoyed it. Have a great day!

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