Cancel culture

Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

The story I bring to you today is one of great importance. One which we have all witnessed. One which has altered the social ethics in place on the Internet. Predominantly on twitter, I bring to you, Cancel Culture.

What is cancel culture?

Cancel culture can be defined and characterized as public shaming and humiliation. In the middle ages, this was done by physically torturing the wrongdoer. With the onset of the 21st century, this humiliation was for the most part digitalized. Twitter, Instagram, and other social media giants hosted such indecency.

During the early years of the internet when Facebook and Google were the talks of the town, online hate was comparatively less if not non-existent. As man has grown more and more accustomed to the social network, his virtual presence has just incremented tremendously.

The ability to express one's views has just become more evident.

As of today, the largest hoarder of internet toxicity is without a doubt. A day never goes by when someone is accused or threatened for doing some action wrong. Twitter users have crippled internet stability and security. All it takes is a comment that 'hurts the sentiments' of a certain group of users and POOF! YOU ARE CANCELLED.

You may ask me, is this healthy? Is this a safe environment for internet culture?

The way I see it, a dangerous society is being built. A society where self-expression is held to the same standard as treason. A society devoid of basic freedom and democratic values. A society where judgment is passed on every little comment. This is unhealthy. This has to stop.

I dare you. Go on twitter right now. Tap on the trending tab. If there is not one hashtag trending about some controversy, color me embarrassed. Day on day numerous celebrities are painted in a bad light. Scorned at for the slightest slip. Be it their appearance, their choice of words, or as of late something 'wrong' done by their relatives and kin. It is almost as if we as humans are in the process of de-evolution.

This is a PSA to every cancel culture stan out there. If I like an artist's music, it does not mean I promote or endorse his/her views. It does not mean that by supporting them I am in agreement with them on whatever controversial action they have performed.

Let me give you an easy example. I have listened to a few of ben shapiro's speeches. Personally, I like his manner of speaking and the conviction with which he forwards his stance. This does not mean that I endorse every single one of his views. In fact, I disagree with the majority of them.

Speaking of Ben Shapiro, let's review the adverse effect of cancel culture and internet toxicity on him. In 2016, he had to invest seven figures a year into his family and personal security. A large sector of people online hated him for his views, stormed his speeches, and gave his family a hard time. All because they disagreed with him. There were death threats aimed at his family and close relatives.

The role of media companies in this toxic culture has been no joyride either. As soon as you go viral, it's almost guaranteed that a reporter is bringing your premature tweets from 2014 back to the surface. These tweets are probably controversial today and you made them when you were not even 15 years old. Before you know it, your name is trending and surprise surprise, CANCELLED.

These websites manipulate the simple fact that over the years you have matured and gained a more sensitive understanding of the happenings around you. They blow it way out of proportion.

No one deserves to have their career ruined for a petty reason. Jokes do not need to be taken out of context. Lives don't have to be threatened. Most importantly, toxicity should not exist.

Educate people about their mistakes. Don't cancel them. Teach them to be respectful. It's okay to be disappointed. However, it is not okay to cancel, bully, or harass someone for their mistakes. Live and let live.

One of the biggest problems the world faces today is that humans have lost the ability to communicate in a civil manner. The ability to discuss and debate in a non-violent way.

"Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes hollow."

Your thoughts matter to me.

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