Once upon a lockdown

A couple of weeks ago, I started this blog. The first post I published was a general overview of the global situation in tandem with quarantine and lockdown. At that point in time, countries were issuing lockdowns, and social distancing measures much like a trail of dominoes. Six weeks later, we are audience to a play gone partially wrong.

In my article, I discussed the economic and social shortcomings that have arisen in the world as a result of the coronavirus. The article covered the magnitude of the virus's impact on the international community. No one could have predicted the way forward at that point.

I would be dishonest if I said that things have gone completely wrong. However, a majority of issues have risen during this time of forced isolation. If the virus had not driven anyone crazy at that point there is a bag full of them now. This time of isolation has taken a toll on everyone's mental habitat.

Online schooling looks like the way forward for the next few months as cases continue to rise. However, this has not been the case with a handful of countries. Due to an exemplary response in the gestation period of the coronavirus, countries like Hong Kong and South Korea were able to resume and repatriate with normal life in no time. After all, the early bird catches the worm.

On the topic of education, let's take a look at the way forward for the ICSE exams which swelter incompletely in these dark times. According to the council, presently, the exams will be held between July 2 and 12. This was received with mixed and polarized feelings. Some felt that it was satisfying to gain closure about the foreseeable future of the Class 10 board exams. This greatly cleared the ambiguity that had formed a cloud of uncertainty over every candidate's head.

In opposition to this view, I also saw a sector of students and concerned parents who felt that moving forward with the remaining exams was not a good idea. Citing exposure to the rampant virus, they felt it was unsafe to go forward with it. So much so that a group of parents and well-wishers of the council drafted a formal request to the Gerry Arathoon(Head of the Council). The letter consolidated the concerns and proposed various alternatives to conducting the remainder of the exams. With quite a large number of students skeptical of the conduct of exams in July, there is no discernible response from the council as of now.

In terms of international relations and optics, a lot has happened over the past few weeks. A standoff at the Ladakh border between Indian and Chinese forces has materialized an air of hostility between the two nuclear powers. A fist-fight at the Naku-La pass between the militaries has awoken fresh memories of the tensions of 2017. Hopefully, this issue does not escalate and in the process set a bad precedent for relations between the two nations.

Speaking of bad precedents, let's talk about America under Donald Trump. As many of you know, on May 25, America witnessed a blood-boiling incident in which four cops ruthlessly tortured a black man named George Floyd. For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, Derek Chauvin(senior police officer), pressed down on the neck of George Floyd even through cries of grave despair from George Floyd. #icantbreathe.

Following this horrifying event, the country descended into protests with cries for justice to Floyd and his family. These protests wiped the dust off the hatchet which America had tried hard to bury a century and a half ago. Racism. As stories and videos of police brutality engulfed social networks, a lot of netizens began taking stock of the situation.

President Donald Trump handled the situation the way he always does it. Militarily. And it was not well-executed as well. A person who serves a solid prejudice against people of colour, Trump felt it was necessary to involve the national guard to subdue the protests. Even peaceful protests. To put it into laymen's' terms, he used the AMERICAN military against the AMERICAN people.

This was also not done legally. In a situation where the President feels that it is necessary to make the National Guard intervene, approval from the Governor is required. Surprise surprise he did not get that.

His tweets as always were illogical and offensive. In a tweet, he literally referred to the black population of protesters as 'thugs' and looters, which furthers my point that he is racist. Oh! Who can forget 'When the looting starts, the shooting starts.' This happened to be the first tweet from the POTUS that was flagged by Twitter. At least they see it.

Lastly, I would like to talk about some damning news from the World Health Organization. In a report, they mentioned the possibility of the coronavirus being added to the yearly list of diseases with the likes of malaria, typhoid, etc. In a time where there will possibly never be a vaccine to halt this monstrosity, the news should be taken with a grain of salt.

All in all, the past few weeks have been incredibly revolutionary. A period where the world has witnessed everything from incomplete exams to an incredibly powerful orange-haired man tweeting insane assertions about his own country. Hopefully, the threat subsides by the time I have written another post of this sort. As always, I hope you have a wonderful day and week. Do register to my mailing list for updates when I post. Thanks for reading!

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