Stressbusters in 2020

Stressful. One of the most accurate representations of every student's life. However, the nation-wide lockdown has proved to be a very effective getaway for the students from their rigorous schedule. Different people use different coping mechanisms or "stress busters" to overcome their respective problems. Everyone's mechanisms are adapted to the nature of the problem, their comfortability, and other psychological aspects. In this post, we explore the most common and useful stressbusters of this day and age.


Ever remember that class you find disgustingly boring where you just shut yourself out to the outside chatter, turned to the last page of a random book, and got to work with a pen/pencil? It did not matter what you drew, it could be a flower driving a car or an artistic masterpiece that led you to realize your true artistic prowess. It did not have to make sense at all, like AT ALL. Just take for example these doodles that some of my friends and I made:

The first one is mine. I will be 100% honest, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I DREW. At least the other two are characters from some shows. Look, my point is these are SO relieving. For about 45 minutes I was so engrossed in just completing that piece. It just helped me zone out from my surroundings and just jam to some music while making that......thing(let's just not call it art).

That brings me to my next Stressbuster.


To combat that persistent stress, I would like to recommend an age-old tradition, listening to music. From classical String music and smooth jazz to death metal and EDM, from Asha Bhonsle to Led Zeppelin to Martin Garrix. There is a plethora of genres, songs, and artists in this industry. You have probably developed a liking for some form of music over time and if you are ever feeling down or overburdened just turn up the volume and listen on for hours and hours together to your favorite songs.

Over the years music has come to be a medicine. Just refer to the article linked below:

If you have ever watched the movie 'The Big Short ', you are familiar with Michael Burry(Christian Bale) who is under great pressure with financial risks he has taken. To keep his cortisol level intact, he likes to fill his office with death metal on full volume. Although metal has such a high-paced beat it still calms him and that is just his own coping mechanism. You need to find the music in you.


All of you 'gym lads' are definitely aroused and smiling when you saw that word. Some people also feel that doing some strenuous physical activities is relaxing.

They prefer going for a jog to just loitering on the bed. They prefer lifting weights to lifting gaming controllers. All they need is some shoes and a bottle of water. So if you are an 'outdoorsy' person try it out.

Take for example Terry Crews(Terry Jeffords) from a fan-favorite 'Brooklyn 99'. To overcome stress in the workplace he subjects himself to an amazingly hard routine. Gym and yogurt are what makes Terry, Terry.  Just take a walk around your block or watch one of those homemade workout videos. They probably do not work but you have nothing else to do in quarantine so might as well. 


You have probably come across the term "stress-eating". This is usually a phenomenon that occurs in exam time and most recently in quarantine. Every hour or so you crave some sugar or something.  A majority of people tend to fight that instinct of eating. But all I am saying is that in some cases it is healthy to just cozy up on a couch and munch down for some time. Grab some fruit or chips and just shove it down your gob. Feel of nature

Speak of  'best for last'. If you have ever had an argument with a near and dear one, one of the most common pieces of advice is "get some fresh air". There is a reason it is so common. A touch of nature is the most healing thing that can happen to you. Nothing like the warm embrace of a cool breeze(irony) and the blissful glisten of the sun's rays. 

If it is the refreshing morning dew or the dreamy evening skies, you are sure to return home 'calm as a cucumber'.

The worst mistake you can ever make under stress is dwell on it. Never let it take over your mind. It gets to the people around you as well. 

That brings me to the end of this article. I'm sorry for the horrible TV show references and hope that you have a wonderful day.

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