TikTok V/S YouTube

The recent unraveling of the drama between Indian creators using TikTok and Youtube has brought to mind a pretty formidable question, Will TikTok ever take over YouTube? Now I know, I know that all of you "woke" readers, who feel that TikTok is nothing but garbage,

PLEASE hear me out.

Now I'm not going to take a definite stance in this article. Instead, I'm going to leave it to you. However, I will be noting down my personal projection.

Founded in 2005, YouTube has well established itself as the forerunner in video streaming. If you ever want to know something as simple as 'how to tie your shoelace?' or something like solving a complex mathematical equation, all you have to do is type it into that search bar and BEHOLD!

In its peak existence, YouTube has been challenged by various other social platforms.

One of the earliest being 'DailyMotion'. This is an excellent example of a platform that was absolutely demolished by the supergiant we know today as YouTube. Now, the main reason it was blown into smithereens is not because of sloppy routines or bad interface design. It was the similarity in the niche of the two platforms. In the beginning, it was a virtual case of 'Survival of the fittest'. To put it plainly, YouTube came out the victor.

The next contender was Vine(RIP Vine). Vine was the foundation of what TikTok poses towards YouTube. It proposed a time limit on the length of videos. Not a particularly long one either. These 7-second videos or "clips" took the internet by storm in the brief stint of Vine. However in 2016, another one bit the dust. Although Vine did not really hinder the operation of YouTube, it opened up a loophole in the future of YouTube.

Now let me tell you why TikTok has been so effective. It has combined a longer time limit with a top-class recognition algorithm. Its 60-second videos have revolutionized the demographic and skeletal structure of the entertainment industry. I have written more on this topic here. These dance, DIY videos have swamped Instagram pages and Twitter timelines.

Since its global launch in 2018, TikTok's downloads have gone through the roof. It has close to 1.6 billion downloads on the Google Play store and is the most downloaded app on the App Store. In the mere 2 years of its existence, it has overtaken Youtube in numerous aspects.

On a scientific level, TikTok lands a blow as well. Researchers across the world have concluded that over the years, humans' attention spans have plummeted drastically.

From the year 2000, where it was 12 seconds, it has now decremented to 8 seconds(8.25 to be exact). This might not seem a huge jump but in reality, it has affected your life more than you know it.

Take for example even reading. The majority of people are more likely to read 28% of an article(however 20% has been observed) and move on to something else. For that reason, if you have made it so far, Thank you. You have made my day:).

Anyway back to the topic. When I argued this case with a few of my friends, they put forward the point that if you had to learn something or needed an explanation or wanted to fix your phone, you would much rather watch a detailed 15-20 minute video to a short 1-minute video. Honestly, that is 100% correct. Even if I do argue that many TikTok creators create educational and explanatory content, personally, I would still go to Youtube.

This does not go to say that I don't believe in the possibilities of TikTok dethroning Youtube. Instead, I'm saying that they are just in different spheres of social media. One is more comprehensive and the other is a quick fix. I believe that TikTok will not take over Youtube.

There, I said it. It might get more users and downloads and ads but it will never fill the top spot that YouTube has cemented itself upon.

Your thoughts matter to me.

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