Why Khan Academy is the best educational platform in the world

As the Coronavirus strengthens its wretched grip on the world, the global community has been pushed into a state of downright tyranny. With words like lockdown and social distancing fresh in the mouth of every governing body, an hour of fresh air these days is nothing inferior to a privilege. The quarantine has interloped with the everyday lives of multitudes of the working-stiff the world over.

The majority of the brunt of these testing times has fallen upon learners (school and college-goers) in every corner of the world. With the shutters being pulled down on all the schools and institutions, the studies of innumerable academics have been greatly hindered. To get around this obstacle, teachers have now banked on the sphere of online education, more precisely Zoom(a virtual networking platform). But recent reports of the transparent privacy issues have raised a lot of eyebrows about the credibility of the platform.

However an evergreen educational platform has still managed to flourish. Yes, I am talking about Khan Academy. Based out of California, it was started by a highly prolific Mr. Salman Khan(not the one with the horrible acting in 'Tiger Zinda Hai'). With degrees from MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard, he has a passion to teach and profess the diverse concepts in a plethora of school subjects. That same passion led him to quit his job as a hedge fund analyst in 2009 and pursue online literacy full time in the form of Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is an American non-benefit instructive association with the objective of making a lot of online apparatuses that help teach understudies. The association creates short exercises as recordings. Its site likewise incorporates strengthening practice activities and materials for instructors. All assets are accessible for nothing to clients of the site and application.

Over the years, Khan Academy has expanded into something much bigger than just some online educational platform. It now has Khan Academy kids for children in lower grades to incubate a love for academics and let me tell you it is doing a good job.

This article will also brush over the factors which place Khan academy so 'ahead of the game':

  • It's free: This glorious website has produced quality content without a break In the consistency. This fact has only been bettered with the fact that all you need to do to access it is a smartphone and an internet connection. That's right! Right from the beginning, Mr. Sal Khan has been generous enough to make his educational content available to anyone and everyone that has searched the internet for help to solve a novice mathematics problem.

  • Method of teaching: His method of teaching has never been a damper on the stellar performance of his subject matter over the years. He makes sure that every student who comes across any of his instructional videos leaves by learning something new. Most people even find his content "intoxicating" and watch his videos for hours on end.

  • Interactivity: One thing that really caught my eye on his website was the tests and the articles used for teaching purposes. For example, if you choose the physics course for 11th  standard(India) and go through the learning articles in the astronomy section you will come across some very interesting interactive images used to deepen your understanding of the said topic. This method has been proven scientifically to enhance the learning of a certain topic and also shows the determination of Khan Academy to keep up with quality content.

  • Wide range of topics: Khan Academy has a plethora of subjects to choose from. It has something to interest you whether you are just about to graduate or hit a snag with your elementary mathematics. Its versatility has been a great factor in its rise to the top.

Over the years, the free interface has not gone unrewarded. In 2010, Google gave $2 million for making new courses and making an interpretation of substance into different dialects. In 2013, Carlos Slim from the Carlos Slim Foundation in Mexico made a gift for making Spanish variants of recordings. In 2015, AT&T contributed $2.25 million to Khan Academy for portable renditions of the substance open through apps.

In my opinion, this platform has been nothing short of revolutionary in the sphere of education. It has been an example to the world that to get to the top only love and passion for the subject pays off. In my own small way, I aspire to do the same through my blog. I hope to produce quality content day-on-day and maybe someday be able to share what I know, on a global scale. Stay tuned! Courtesy:https://www.khanacademy.org/

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